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Moleskine — going analog and loving it

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I’m pretty digital — I’m facile with an alphabet soup of software technologies and spend hours a day on my laptop. I keep my Blackberry with me day and night. I keep my schedule on a Google calendar and manage a few shared calendars for organizations I work with. A couple of years ago, I started keeping a small notebook in my pocket — one of the wirebound ones from Staples.  It just didn’t cut it. The spiral wire snagged going in and out of my pocket and the notebook’s inherent tackiness only increased as it wore from use.

Then,… I discovered Moleskine. These elegant little notebooks fit in a shirt pocket, open flat, have solid bindings — no spiral wires — and you can get them with grid-ruled pages. The notebook demands a decent writing instrument. I use an Alvin DR03 mechanical pencil with 3mm lead, making it possible to fill the small pages with hundreds of words. I write daily — lists, ideas, meeting notes. Once full, the notebook retires to my bookshelf with a label on the back for easy consultation.

There’s something satisfying about flipping through pages, erasing, annotating, correcting and rereading notes and ideas from prior days ordered by the pages they were written on.

A little Internet searching turned up people who were far more addicted than me — there’s even an addiction scale posted at: http://putthingsoff.com/moleskine-notebooks/. I’m relieved to find that I’m only level 3 on a scale that goes up to 8.

They’re getting easier to find. I’ve seen them in lots of bookstores, but I order mine from the maker at: www.moleskine.com

Written by Al Stevens

November 8th, 2008 at 5:20 pm

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