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Firefox new windows at random times

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ffnewwindowbug I was ready to trash Firefox after the last upgrade. Tabs kept turning into new windows in response to trivial mouse movements. It’s a bug — an extremely annoying one — clicking a tab once and then moving your mouse down causes a new window to open.

To fix, download this “Disable detach and tear off tab” addon:


  • Install it.
  • Click tools >> Add-ons (or type Alt-T, Alt-A).
  • On the bug489729, click “Options”.
  • Check “Disable detach tab”.
  • Click “OK”.

Enabling “Drop URL” will restore an older Firefox feature that lets you drag a Tab to a folder to create a link.

Written by Al Stevens

August 11th, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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    K. McBain

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