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Apologize to Rush

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has posted the Republican’s “Secret Apology Machine“, an online form that makes it easy to apologize to Rush.

It’s funny as it is, but the apologies are a little boring — the Republicans seem to be suffering from a serious lack of creativity these days.  I’d like to see the DCCC run a contest to help the the opposition party out. They could let site visitors select a republican politician, predict the slight and then construct an appropriately grovelling apology. Republicans’ problems are crying out for community-created help. Let’s start here.

A few of my favorite posts on the apologies so far: Top Republican’s Groveling Apology to Rush Limbaugh Is a Media Disaster on Alternet, Steele to Rush: I’m sorry on Politico, What happens when you don’t apologize to Rush? an open question on Yahoo Answers.

Written by Al Stevens

March 4th, 2009 at 10:26 am