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Serious Virtual Worlds Report Published

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The Serious Virtual Worlds (SVW) report, released today by the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) explores the ‘serious’ – as opposed to the leisure-based – use of virtual worlds for educational purposes.

Written by Sara de Freitas, director of research at the Serious Games Institute, Coventry University, the report  provides an overview of many key virtual world sites to help the education community identify which is the most relevant to support a given learning context. It also explores how learners themselves are becoming a more central component in the use of immersive worlds, creating and enriching their own learning experiences and adopting more exploratory and collaborative modes of learning.

Report: Serious Virtual Worlds report

, says: ‘The use of virtual worlds has accelerated exponentially over the last two to three years. In that brief time, users and learners have already been engaged by the opportunity to take control of virtual worlds within social groups.’

Written by Al Stevens

January 19th, 2009 at 12:59 pm