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eSchool News Publishes Tech Stories to Watch for 2009

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eSchool News,  a monthly print and web newspaper read by K-20 decision-makers, has published a summary of developments that they believe could have a profound effect on educational technology in the schools. They are:

5. How will ‘validated learning’ be enforced among the nation’s colleges and universities?

4. How will new federal and state regulations affect internet safety education in schools?

3. Who will be Kevin Martin’s successor as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and how will this change affect telecommunications policy in 2009?

2. Will the transition to digital TV broadcasting next month occur seamlessly–or will schools experience any problems?

1. How will education fare under the Obama administration?

The article is at: Five ed-tech stories to watch for 2009 (registration required to read the entire article.)

Written by Al Stevens

January 13th, 2009 at 12:58 pm

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