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Evolutionary Art — Experiments with the Control Gene

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Evolutionary Art Series 2

Image from Series 08-12-31

In the first series, I combined control genes, component genes, mutation and mating. I used two basic shapes — circles and ellipses — and restricted the pallet to grays. In addition, each image starts from the same three genes used to create the same three chromosomes. All variation occurs during mutation and mating.

In the second series, I’ve simplified the process, but added more initial variability. I create a single chromosome tree, with three chromosomes. Each chromosome consists of one control gene and four componenent genes. All codons are randomly set within their ranges for each drawing. The magnitude of the effect of the control gene can be changed by selecting different links on the series page.

Of course, this parameter should be part of the control gene itself, subject to mutation and mating. That will beĀ  done in one of the next series.

Written by Al Stevens

January 2nd, 2009 at 11:32 am